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Elver Peñuela, EcopetrolAlthough the term Facility Manager is still not very common in our environment, gradually they are more companies recognize the value of having a comprehensive professional to manage their facilities. This is the case of Elver Peñuela, Management Coordinator Ecopetrol non-industrial facilities.

By Alejandra Garcia Velez

To Elver Peñuela, Management Coordinator nonindustrial facilities Ecopetrol, the company has been its home for over 15 years ago, and the school that has allowed him to learn about the processes that make the Facility managemenet an essential component of any organization.

His life and career

But before talking about their professional experiences, we know a little more to our Professional of the Month. Peñuela born in Barrancabermeja, Santander (Colombia) in the year 1975. At the end of 1997 he graduated as a civil engineer at the Industrial University of Santander, in Bucaramanga.

In addition to his training as an engineer, the guest of this edition has a specialization in Project Management and PMP certification (Project Management Professional). As for his professional life, Peñuela has worked in areas such as planning, project management infrastructure and maintenance of buildings and non-industrial facilities within the organization Ecopetrol.

Linking to the activities of the Facility Management is given from the year 2005, when he assumes the position of Coordinator of maintenance and services in the Magdalena Medio region in the oil company.

As maintenance coordinator developed functions directly related to the operation and maintenance of non-industrial buildings and facilities, such as office buildings, campgrounds, casinos, security installations, buildings file, among others.

Later, with the creation of shared service center Ecopetrol in August 2011, Penuela went to the post of Coordinator no industrial facilities management at country level.

This coordination is organizationally within the unit of real estate and administrative services of the company. Its functions include managing the portfolio of leasable infrastructure projects and the operation and maintenance of all buildings and non-industrial facilities located around the country in 86 locations.

As for his approach to the term Facility Management (FM), Peñuela explains that "two years ago we began to wonder what was the discipline internationally generating best practices in the activities we do in order to make better management our facilities, meeting for the first time term facility Management. "

Peñuela also added that thanks to this approach have developed significant progress in terms of the management model they want for the company.

Knowing the world of FM

The first time our Professional of the Month Facility Management heard the term was in talks with service providers whose headquarters are located abroad.

Immediately, says Penuela, the name associated with the work he and his team play every day; which he filled them with joy, because it allowed them to identify that there is an international discipline-oriented facility management.

Similarly, the more you know about it, the more he realized the importance of the role of the Facility Manager. "It is a profession that I think will have a strong development in the XXI century, since the second cost in organizations after the issue of human resources is the management of the facility."

Day by day

Touching the subject of his daily work as coordinator of facilities in Ecopetrol, Peñuela recalls that the role of the Facility Manager exists to support organizations so that it can fully devote to your core business. In that vein, the Facility Manager manages all activities related and necessary to enable the organization meet its goals to achieve.

Therefore, "the FM treated daily with complex operational issues that could affect the normal development of the main activity of the organization, is involved in the scope, assessment, analysis and definition of the plans, defined and controlled economic objectives and optimization costs, it meets the needs of customers and also ensures at all times that the buildings and facilities are in good and proper conditions, "he said.

Specifically, your work day starts at 7 am with a review of the schedule of meetings and commitments, then advance the development of thematic strategic and tactical as are process analysis, indicators, resources, plans work, among others.

It then performs daily nationwide review of the continuity of services to detect and solve specific problems be able to lie presenting in some locality, for which contingency plans are evaluated and actions to the proper provision of services running .

"The relationship with the team of collaborators is done throughout the day through a communication based on trust and on the view that the achievement of the objectives depends on teamwork. Additionally there is constant interaction with the upper levels of the organization in order to make decisions involving approval of these levels, "he said Peñuela.

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