Utilities and energy efficiency: increasingly linked

The utilities every day exploit their resources and especially electrical energy in order to improve their indicators. What's next for this sector?

The utilities are in sight of all. The government, seeking that these companies provide the best service with the best quality, the largest number of people with decreasing costs. People want to know how it is investing to improve on several fronts ranging from providing the same service to solutions and innovative offerings that enable them to improve their quality of life. Finally shareholders and owners of these companies, whether they are public or private, seeking profits, generating profits while investing in programs and allow innovative and ambitious to improve on all fronts projects.

Jean Pascal Tricoire, president of Schneider Electric, a specialist in energy management and automation at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum 2015, in Davos, Switzerland, the company expects that "we need to integrate the elements to work, the supply chain, the productivity and ourselves, (...) we must be very precise and work fast to make a difference and be very precise with the allies with whom we will associate ".

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Difficult? The general equation, which is a requirement for all companies is to do more with less. At the same time, includes the development of strategies to cover isolated communities, improving the supply of various public services, the use of automation solutions that ensure optimal performance of all processes, among others, to improve the condition of supply service constantly. All this, packed in low carbon, increased use of alternative energy and improving as the use of standards and metrics to enable public interest, understand how it is being invested in this process.

Three global trends, added pressure on this equation: Urbanization, as more than half of humans live in cities and in 2050, 66% of the entire population, which is close to 10 billion, will be urban. The so-called digitization, which involves the evolution towards a culture where things connect and interact with each other without our intervention and where the generation of information continue to grow at geometric rates. Finally, industrialization, due to advances such as the internet of things, big data and the cloud, among others, we enter the fourth industrial era, with which in 2050 will double the current energy consumption, which imposes important challenges about how we will provide power to all industries, especially utilities to make the mega cities where they live are comfortable, pleasant and yet safe and reliable.

An attractive panorama
An example is the company CPS Energy, based in San Antonio, Texas, and provider of large number of homes, businesses and cities both energy and gas. Recently David L. Wood, director of consulting services Utilities Schneider Electric commented that "Public services today have enormous pressure to comply with government regulations and provide secure and reliable high quality electricity at a reasonable cost for its customers as it faces challenges such as an aging network infrastructure and a decline experienced workers. We are proud to work with a utility like CPS Energy, which Schneider Electric provides energy experts from first level to help expand their capacities for planning and management while overcoming challenges such as increased power consumption. "

For his part, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, opposite the remains left by the COP21 Paris meeting in December last year, commented in his blog: "Staying ahead of the competition is important in every industry, so with vision future energy producers will continue to be leaders by investing more in optimizing asset management. Focusing on process automation, digitization of their industry and renewable energy and emerging technologies needed to accelerate their availability and network integration will also lead to a better end result. "

High impact solutions
One of the first step is to apply the use of smart grids, renew business models and offer new services to grow beyond its standard offer. To achieve this, you must apply advanced management systems distribution (ADMS, for its acronym in English), a converged solution that integrates functionalities of SCADA, DMS, OMS, EMS and DSM, which becomes an alternative that improves the benefits of Distributed Generation. In this regard, we recommend this document for more detailed information on this model. http://bit.ly/SmaterUtilityWP

Similarly, you can access information on key elements that make it even more efficient networks for public services by applying solutions that are complementary to the offer ADMS, as StruxureWare Demand Side Operations, StruxureWare Building Management System, among others, to boost energy management and operation.

Similarly, Schneider Electric has tested high and medium voltage to supply power plants and system networks solutions.

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