Colombia will be starring in the SMCS

Colombia. The Colombian Sustainable Building Council (CCCS) and its network of members organized Monday 26 September to Sunday 2 October 2016 a free series of workshops, technical lectures, webinars and guided in the framework of the World Construction Week visits sustainable (SMCS).

The SMCS is promoted by the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) and leveraged its network of 74 councils for sustainable construction around the world and more than 27.000 member entities. In this edition, the SMCS will advance the recognition of the essential role played by buildings in the development of a sustainable future and exalt the urgency to change our perspective.


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"In this World Week of Sustainable Construction we emphasize especially the importance of selecting the Council by the Mayor of Bogotá and the World Resources Institute (WRI) to develop with the authorities of the capital on Building Energy Efficiency Accelerator program ( BEA). in the SMCS have an event on this initiative. we will also offer other events to continue extolling the good moment that the subject in our country, as a result of its coincidence with the recent implementation of mandatory public policies for the sector, such as entry into force of the Guidelines for saving water and energy in buildings (Resolution 549 / 15). Also widely we disclose the availability of initiatives promoted by the Council to help change the business management models in alignment with green growth policies "said Cristina Gamboa, Executive Director of the Colombian Sustainable Construction Council, CCCS.


"Change your perspective" slogan of World Week of Sustainable Construction (SMCS) 2016


In discussions of the COP21 in Paris, WorldGBC positioned to sustainable construction as the most effective solution to stop global warming below + 2 ° C for 2030, ensure a low carbon future and improve the quality of life for all . This was achieved by lacampaña Better Build Green, which emphasized three aspects: (i) the role of sustainable buildings in reducing emissions and creating economic and social benefits through the materials, (ii) Buildings Day in COP21, and (iii) national and global commitments with active participation of Councils for Sustainable Construction in each country.


"From the CCCS still visible the macro trends of the industry, this time through the campaign SMCS" Change your perspective, "which potentiate the process of awareness of the role of the built environment as one of the most efficient actions and cost effective measures to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and motivate adaptation actions and resilience to climate change, "said Gamboa.


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