Do you know how to securely protect your assets?

Colombia.In homes and workplaces it is increasingly important that their owners take security measures to keep them protected and monitored permanently.

Technology takes vital importance when leaving the property alone, since it allows to perform various tasks such as access control, identification of suspects in perimeter areas and even carry out preventive monitoring in real time, regardless of the owner's location. a few streets or hundreds of kilometers away.

Jimena Genetti, Solutions Manager of Axis Communications, the company that created the IP camera and one of the leading sponsors in providing safe environments both residential and industrial, presents some recommendations focused on technology, to take into account during this vacation and choose the security solution that allows to leave behind the ghost of vandalism:

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Not every camera means security. In the matter of video surveillance, quality is indispensable; although it is common for buildings and companies to have video cameras, many do not provide high resolution images that can be used to identify details or faces at the time of the occurrence of a criminal act, mainly in areas of poor lighting or adverse weather conditions. Therefore, to acquire a quality solution is to guarantee that the investment fulfills its true purpose.

The software, a very important factor. Having the possibility of monitoring in real time and through mobile devices is one of the reasons to access a video surveillance system during this season. Some manufacturers offer free versions designed for small businesses and homes, where users can easily access live or recorded video, even from a remote location, directly from a mobile device or a PC, without the need for a network or router configuration.

More cameras do not mean better monitoring. If you plan to install a video security system for this end of the year, it is advisable to carry out a preliminary study of the facilities by a professional in the area, to analyze the particularities of each space, allowing to contemplate possible blind spots, potentially dangerous areas and places where the cameras can be manipulated or attacked. Based on this analysis, the ideal camera for each space will be implemented; thus allowing for a real coverage and effective monitoring of all areas.

Analytics for the home. Today, cameras offer more than video. Some models detect for example if there is movement within the home, giving immediate notice to the homeowner; others can generate alarms when attempting to manipulate or obstruct their visibility, all this in an autonomous and programmed manner. There are even models such as the AXIS M20, which can draw virtual lines to control personnel access to restricted areas.

Prevention is the best defense. For those who live in remote areas, it is very convenient to install an invisible perimeter, from which automatic sound alerts are issued to deter intruders generating a warning message, while simultaneously informing the security personnel or the quadrant of cop.

If there is no doorman, use the video door entry system. Installing an IP video door phone at the entrance of your residence or building, resistant to acts of vandalism and hacker attacks, allows you to have an image of the visitor, captured by an HDTV camera, which will be displayed on a touch panel to be authorized or not the entrance through the door.

If technology is not your thing, but you want to acquire a complete security solution, there are packages that come with all the hardware equipment you may need to supply this need, integrating from cameras to storage and video management, which guarantees optimal installation and operation.

Residential and corporate security should not be taken lightly; At the end of accounts, in these places are your most precious assets and it is important to protect them taking advantage of the advances that are now available.

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