Connected buildings: lower operating costs and higher productivity

Latin America. IoT is a word that in the 2018, more than trend, will be a palpable reality. But what is it? Internet of Things (in English, Internet of Things, abbreviated IoT) is a concept (and in many areas already a reality) that refers to the digital interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet. Alternatively, the Internet of Things is the Internet connection with more "things or objects" than people. Explained in a practical way, is when the objects of everyday life can be identified and operated by devices (using wireless connections) in the same way that a person would.

This means that, within not many years, the devices will be interconnected, achieving greater efficiency - through the information generated and analyzed - for humanity, industries and organizations.

One of the applications that are increasingly seen and in which IoT has been becoming a reality, is the Connected Buildings or Connected Building. In cities where there are many buildings and people, the Connected Building concept is increasingly heard and needed. A Connected Building brings great benefits to those who build, own and inhabit it. And for the 2020 there will be 20,8 billion connected devices worldwide, and according to Gartner, a large percentage is related to smart buildings.

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The buildings are home to a large number of workers and companies, therefore, today they are full of hidden potential, which, according to Trane - leading provider of interior comfort systems and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand -, once Once this potential is deciphered, valuable information is obtained with which buildings can be transformed into more solid assets: "One of the many benefits that we identify in this new trend is the savings in operating costs, keeping people comfortable, therefore greater productivity, in addition to having the data required to make key operational decisions that are aligned with business objectives, "says Jaime Jiménez, General Director of Trane Mexico.

This can be achieved thanks to the information that is collected in buildings (through objects and devices) and then processed by the system. Thanks to this, the use of energy can be optimized and monitored in each of the rooms, offices or floors (meeting rooms, coffee stations, individual offices, etc.) that make up the buildings. A very rough example of how the Connected Building would work would be detecting the absence of people in a room and, consequently, turning off lights and air conditioning.

Other benefits that Trane finds when moving to this trend, which is also a great ally of an ecological and sustainable culture, are the following:

  • • Manage buildings from anywhere: panels and mobile interfaces allow secure access to current information and run systems from anywhere, which provides more freedom and greater productivity.
  • • Integrate more and different systems that make up a building: scalable applications simplify the integration of air conditioning systems with other building systems (lighting, security and water) both existing and new.
  • • Optimize the functioning of the building: the road to improvement can be found in the data that is collected from the building with analysis systems that indicate which areas or aspects are being executed correctly, where they could improve things and what to do about.
  • A Connected Building is not only more ecological and saves money, but it also becomes an excellent asset for those who own it, thanks to the energy that circulates through their veins: heating, air conditioning and lighting; This energy produces data, information that is waiting to be capitalized and give value to the business.
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