Maintenance, key activity

MaintenanceThis article will try different methods of maintenance that we can define and apply our real estate asset according to the physical characteristics, use and activity thereof.

By Jordi Sanchez Castilla *

Facility Management outlook for 2020

FM 2020Industry management and operation of buildings is constantly evolving, the advent of new technologies and the professionalisation of the people linked to this work driving continuous improvement of the processes needed for optimal performance of buildings.

By Alejandra Garcia Velez

Hiring should not be a headache

engagementIn procurement processes in the field of Facility Management, a good way to get good results in the management of the premises is to work hand in hand with suppliers. This relationship should not be a headache, but a bet for success.
By Santiago Jaramillo Hincapie
Quoting products and technical services for Latin America

Webcast: Interview with David Martínez de Cifmers ...

Webcast: Interview with David Martinez de Cifmers Global.

On Wednesday 30 2017, at 13: 00 hours (Bogota / Lima), the interview was conducted with David Martinez, Director of Cifmers Global.

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Interview with Board members IMEI ...

Interview with Board members IMEI

Interview with board members IMEI.

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Webcast: Latest trends and developments in control ...

Webcast: Latest trends and developments in access control

Wednesday November 30 (11: 00 hours, GMT-5, Colombia / Peru) had the webcast live with Alejandro Loera, sales manager for Latin America and Caribbean company Keri Systems, Inc.

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