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Categorization by stars, the Colombian experience

pod-iconWith 35 hotels categorized to date, the Colombian hotel industry is moving towards a true classification that allows its tourism sector achieve the goal of 4 million international tourists for 2010. Listen to Luis Hernando Solarte, director of special projects of the Hotel Association of Colombia, Alejandro Mejia, general manager of Hotel Abadia Plaza and Fernando Sanchez, president of the chain Blue Doors, Discuss the benefits of categorization by stars.

The podcast lasts 6: 00 minutes (<5 mb) y fue grabado el 15 2007 November.
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[October] Spas: a business with life

pod-iconIn their quest to generate more income and not be left behind, some hotels are betting on the development of spas. But high investment costs and specialization this category require assuming demand category as a separate issue from the operation and hotel development. Carlos Alonso, head of the consulting Carlos Alonso & Associates, and Miguel Trape, general manager of Fornavon, hotel consulting company in the tourism sector, say what mistakes not to be made to plan and develop are spa.
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[September] The hotel architecture back to their bases

pod-iconHabita Group continues to surprise. With elegance, design and history, the most recent architectural development of the office of architects Legorreta honors the heritage of Mexico. Listen to renowned architect Victor Legorreta discuss the challenges of the construction and design of La Purificadora, the new hotel of Grupo Habita.
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[August] Good practices are good business

pod-iconTwo million annually in savings is the good balance that makes Javier León, regional vice president of engineering for the Caribbean and Latin America Marriott hotelsThanks to the implementation of a leader in the region of good practices of social responsibility program.
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[July] Hotel in Latin America: Time marks

pod-iconWhat the great reception of the hotel brands should? What do you expect to independent hotels? What are the growth plans for Latin America? Some of these questions were answered by the directors of franchise development and businesses of three major chains in the region: Salo Smaletz, Development director for Latin America, IHG, José Muñoz, Director of franchising and development for Latin America and Starwood Christian Concalves, Accor development director for Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Central America.
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Quoting products and technical services for Latin America

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