Organizers buffets
Organizer buffetsThe organizers are rectangular plates made of the same material Bugambilia Classic, the plates have the same insert as a whole (52.5x32.5x1cm), so they can be placed in cold, hot or wells tables; these plates featuring internal cuts where parts, bowls or platters are placed, to keep in contact with ice or boiling water and to preserve the ideal temperature of food in the buffet.

Some of the advantages that have these organizers are:

- The order and hygiene buffet. Do not allow ice display, enabling easy maintenance and cleaning.

- Cold or heat is not lost, as the plates close the table.

- They have a variety of presentations, shapes, sizes and cuts.

- They 20 colors available to choose from.

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altThe 150 CR belongs to the line of mini-bars Challenger designed for hotels with central ice machines do not require frequent defrosts. It also includes the ecological system refrigerant R-134A that prevents deterioration of the ozone layer.

This mini-bar lts 115,6 has ample capacity for family bottles, electromechanical thermostat, tempered glass panels with decorative torus and two removable shelves in translucent blue.

The outer body of the product is resistant sheet CR electrostatic painting corrosion, also has an elliptical door with rounded edges, integrated handle type pocket, Low noise and lower power consumption.

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altThe 18 '' Shallow-Depth is the new stainless steel refrigerator Perlick designed with essential properties seeking environmental sustainability. The product accepts independent panels that achieve efficient energy saving.

This removable refrigerator shelves also has deep 18, 32 '' tall, RAPIDcool cooling system forced-air, low E glass and UV coating for added protection and insulation.

Additionally the Shallow-Depth reaches temperatures between 33 ° - 39 ° F and a storage capacity of 4cu feet.

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Fruit squeezer
altThe fruit juicer Fresh'n Squeeze through the basic principle of instant separation, divide the juice components peel and albedo, which, if allowed to be together for some time, will have an effect adverse effect on the product. The sanitary design of the components of juice provide more quality end result.

Fresh'n Squeeze the juice produces more fruit per unit other citrus processing equipment. Its design allows the juicer to handle a varidedad sizes of fruits and some varieties of citrus fruits, including oranges, grapefruit, lemons and tangerines.

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Food tray

altThe Fusion Food Warning Tray is a versatile tray keeps food hot and tasty and is ideal for lines buffet, Food stalls and other places where the temperature should keep meals.

This device was made of high quality stainless steel. It is lightweight (14 lbs) and temperature control is adjustable according to the needs.

Fusion Food was designed to slow the cooling process and is available in 120Volt / 250Watts / 2.1 amps.

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