BIM FMThe analysis of the data produced by a system BIM (Building Information Modeling) can generate a positive impact in the field of Facility Management during the operational phase of a physical asset.

By Jordi Sanchez Castilla *

In the operation of a real physical asset, either administrative or industrial use, a large amount of information it is required, in addition to good management and using it to operate reliable, sustainable and cost effective manner.

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Information such as the updated during the lifecycle of the physical asset planes when necessary to reform a space and / or existing facility, an extension or significant reduction of the asset. In addition, digitized systems that allow quick access to the required information at any time regarding issues such as:

- Management of spaces.
- In case of leases, contractual information from them.
- Operation and maintenance manuals (preventive maintenance) of the
buildings and other construction elements.
- Updated regulations applicable to the construction elements and activities that make up the physical asset.
- Documentation on duration and expiry of guarantees.
- Documentation of information on health, safety and environment that produces activity in the property, as well as the material forming the same.
- Monitoring and updating programs predictive and corrective maintenance.
- Surveys and results of the perception of tenants / users / clients / owners in relation to their activity in the property.

All of the above and others as asset specificity and organization, managed properly, can maintain the asset value both operationally and financially in parameters of beneficial returns to the owner thereof, if in the future we proceed to a sale the asset, if you want to operate as efficiently as possible and respectful with the environment, you want to attract tenants with a greater degree of demand in its activity, it seeks to be certified with an organization of prestige, or if you look the organization to be as competitive as possible within your market.

Common problems in the operational phase

In relation to achieving the above points a fairly widespread problems are presented and discussed above hindering it, which are:

- Personnel O & M (operation and maintenance) do not have enough to update the status of the asset in relation to reforms, corrective-preventive, increases and decreases time.
- Partial original documentation active once finished the construction phase Inaccessibility, resulting inefficiencies in asset maintenance management.
- Maintenance programs based solely facilities throughout the lifecycle of the asset in the initial recommendations of the manufacturers, and not based on operativad and activity of the organization.
- No presence in many cases of predictive maintenance programs as RCM, RCFA, TPM for key elements in operational assets, more oriented in this case industrial processes, or if there are not executed satisfactorily in its entirety.
- There is no proper alignment between the maintenance of assets and the need and expectations of the organization in relation to its activity.
- There is a good analysis in risk management that causes the activity of the organization in relation to the plans of O & M.
- Not having updated and accurate in relation to spaces for analysis of space management, lease negotiation, studies of productivity in the working environment information.
- Lack of fluid communication and cross-collaboration between departments as O & M, IT, HR, purchasing and finance.

Benefits of working with BIM

Some of the potential benefits for owners of assets are as follows:

- Have an updated database of the physical elements, which are a reliable source for decision-making in relation to the sale; reform, renegotiation with tenants, modification of the production system, activity of the organization, among others.

It also offers cost control in relation to:

- The program is best suited to carry on the premises / building elements as activity of the organization and use of the asset maintenance.
- Reforms and space management in pursuit of improving staff productivity and processes.
- Control financially updated residual value of the asset through scheduled amortizations and use-wear Real facilities and constructive envelope.
- Quick responses to demands that may require the organization and / or regulatory body thanks to the information available, reliable and up to date in relation to developing constructive budgets for the increase or decrease of the asset, health and safety, risk analysis, corrective, etc.
- Low-maintenance reliance on existing operational staff, as the know-how will be available to the organization through the BIM-CMMS-CAFM platforms.
- Reduced cost of services (energy-water) due to lower consumption for the same activity to have the facilities managed and functioning properly due to an appropriate program of preventive and predictive maintenance, completely updated and analyzed.
- Reduction corrective repairs and limiting the effect on the activity of the organization.
- Reduced waiting times for repairs.
- Improved inventory management components and supplies for each component listed in the program. What can give a negotiating advantage in the procurement process and reduce stock costs.
- Increased life cycle of assets, which will result in lower CAPEX and OPEX in relation to whether or not you have a management program supported by adequate physical assets as a tool BIM updated.
- Sustainability of the asset, for example, knowing what materials making up the building, in case any of them are damaged or by law deemed as dangerous in the future, you can quickly pinpoint your location and amount to replace, plus to be able to have more information for example for calculating the carbon footprint of the building.
- Analysis of existing spaces with real activity in them, which will allow the analysis of different solutions lay-outs in pursuit of maximum productivity of people and processes, obtaining fairly immediate impact they could assume level costs.
- Ease of obtaining data for possible audits aimed at different purposes, such as normative in O & M, or sale.

Benefits for personnel FM

- Easier and faster to information produced in the design phase and construction Accessibility, which will result in improved response time (less time consumed by each order corrective work to execute the task) and efficiency the services provided by the department FM.

- Using a program where it integrates and interoperability between different systems is (such as HVAC, fire control, electrical installation, installation fluid, etc.), with the space where they are present, as well as personnel and / or the production equipment located in these spaces. What it produces a simulation of the actual operating assets and helps program plans O & M Management spaces- most appropriate at any time of the asset lifecycle IT-HR.

- Make available a system that helps keep track of guarantees of property / building elements, warning when you're going to win, to thus perform an inspection of the same, and if any irregularity covered by the warranty, to claim their rectification at the cost of the supplier / manufacturer.

- Have a system to issue warnings in case of breakdown / malfunction of any equipment usual, this in history containing photography equipment, significant actions taken on the same, original manufacturer's documentation, etc. Allowing adjustment programs O & M as efficiently as possible.

- Ability to have a system that can be viewed 3D cutting sections, we can visualize when necessary passing inside an electrical conduit, fluid conduit thickness, material etc ... to help the fast element analysis and appropriate action, saving much time intervention of maintenance personnel and possible effects on the activity of the organization.

- BIM through a visualization program allows the kind supervision augmented reality of facilities and spaces remotely and can select computers, analyze your current operating status and consult information relating thereto (manuals, warranty, work orders, plan preventive or predictive maintenance, etc.), saving time performance by staff of FM and this positively impacting the activity of the organization. It is a function that also if several centers are managed still has more positive impact.

- Possibility to display augmented reality, have updated the act allowing making faster and more efficient decisions.


Proper management of the life cycle of physical assets must be supported in a good integration and inter-operability between various agents such as:

- Updated information available at the time the asset.
- Alignment between goals and activities of the organization with plans for O & M
- Existence of a policy of the organization in relation to the management of physical assets.
- IT tools that support asset management and information
produced is analyzed and updated efficiently.

BIM in the exploitation phase helps and supports all of the above, as it allows for better decision making through analysis of actual and updated information that is producing the asset and its activity at all times.

I thereby resulting in improved asset performance and activity of the organization, shown through indicators such as sales per unit of production cost; ROI / NPV of the assets, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), cost per square meter of occupation, among others.

* Castilla Jordi Sánchez is the Director of S & V Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in the fields of Facilities, Asset and Property Management.

Author: Alejandra Garcia


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