Video surveillanceSecurity will always be a need, more so today is a determining factor tranquility of the people. IP technology, specifically video surveillance is a tool that delivers great advantages and possibilities in this area.

By Santiago Jaramillo Hincapie

Undoubtedly, the security industry based on IP networks has grown rapidly in recent years. As technology and other components have advanced security solutions, they have also made customer expectations. Companies that offer security solutions have evolved to meet these new expectations. This requires an understanding of both technology and the factors that motivate customers, problems and key issues.

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To achieve such an understanding is necessary to step back and look at the solutions. The video management software (VMS, for its acronym in English) has become more sophisticated, as have done the hardware components that work with him.

The evidence is everywhere. The current camera technology can provide much higher levels of detail thanks to improved functionality with megapixel and HD. Another example is the current software IP access control, offering customers a more flexible way to manage their facilities. Innovative monitoring tools can detect those safety equipment needing repairs before the malfunction requiring the expenditure of large sums of money or fail completely.

This results in more efficient, durable and practical when establishing a secure facility either in a space intended for commercial, government, business, education, hotel or city use equipment. The important thing, in each case, is to have expert advice that will enable the project to make the most of the installation.

According to Mauro Lima Vaz, vice president of Bosch Security Systems for Latin America and the Caribbean, one of the fundamental challenges in the security industry, more specifically in the segment of video surveillance, it is the transition and integration with the IP world, which bring not only a technological change but also adaptations in the way of thinking and organizing the work of monitoring and overall work. "There is a new change, but will accompany us for a long time," says our guest.

Lima Vaz also emphasizes that "the intensity of the change is different between different product lines. On the inside we are looking increasingly focus on the most important fundamentals of our business and have a stronger synchronization between the different regions of Latin America to create more synergies and learn from each other in order to achieve meet the current market need ".

Andrei Junqueira, manager of Business Development at Axis Communications, emphasizes that the IP video surveillance has been a great ally in terms of security, in providing a response against theft and fraud that can generate millions in losses, as well as ensuring the protection of people, assets and infrastructure, creating a safer environment.

"The IP cameras currently offer an increasingly discreet design that fits the physical characteristics and customer needs, also have data processing and features included in the device itself, transforming them into true 'intelligent applications'. Is a trend that the sector is slowly discovering that can impact their profits, "describes Andrei Junqueira.

A clear example of this, according to Junqueira is the retail sector, "the big trend today is displayed in this market is the ability to integrate new analytical solutions for data processing that results in better strategies for business, as is the case counting and recording people or monitoring product for managing the supply chain. They are useful tools to improve sales and product availability and to organize staff and avoid delays in banks or payment centers. "

Additionally, according to company representative Axis Communications, in some chains industry you are already using the technology to Heat Maps (Heatmaps), which feed on images provided by the cameras to provide a source of accurate information on the flow customers in the store. This real-time analysis allows us to understand the interaction they have with products in order to improve the design of local and distribution of goods (layout), as well as evaluating new promotions and marketing campaigns.

"The trend is growing, in the UK a survey of the main business and retail chains showed that a third of them adopted solutions under the IP standard, while 60% planned to invest in these technologies to make the transition to the world digital, "says Junqueira.

IP security for all budgets

Alex Pazos, director of Business Development at Samsung Techwin Latin America, indicates that currently small buildings or businesses employ between four and eight surveillance cameras to ensure safety, prevent assaults or have pre-event of a crime images and ensure that, if someone committed a robbery, be easily identifiable if you re-enter the space.

In terms of solutions, which is being presented is that large telecommunications companies are offering the security service in the cloud and SMEs looking to reduce initial investment costs, accept the proposal of such companies to install a system with a certain number of cameras in exchange for paying a monthly fee (which could be up to $ 100) also receiving the installation of the video surveillance devices and visual verification when they have public service (if an event occurs ) and thus the cost of implementing and maintaining the solution is low, since this amount is canceled monthly.

Now, starting with the question how much can lose a business that chooses not to implement a video surveillance system? Alex Pazos asserts that "before establishing figures is important to note that when it comes to theft can not only think of external agents; it is also necessary to consider the cases where the employees commit this type of crime. In an analysis by specialized sources, it was found that in the US retail sector US $ 160.000 million annually are lost (in a business US $ 8 trillion annually), indicating that could affect up to 5% of profits of an SME ".

On the other hand, to identify what is the ideal type of camera Samsung Techwin representative warns that Latin America should consider the place of the building where the equipment is located. For example, if a store or shop, ideally in the cash register two high resolution cameras will be placed, one to monitor the cash register and the other to the place where the merchandise is passed, and the rest of the Store can be installed wide-angle cameras, to have an open approach to local, optimizing the cost of installed equipment ".

Safer Spaces

Juan Pablo Tavil, sales manager of Axis Communications for South America - Southern Cone says that "today people seek to live in safer environments. In this sense, different solutions and devices entered the market to meet the demands of monitoring the various spaces such as income, perimeters, common areas and internal streets. In recent years, cameras have won more image quality with the creation of digital cameras HD and Full HD, improvements in night vision and greater data processing capabilities. "

Also it asserts existing spaces using video surveillance cameras Full HD with reading patents to open the door only to authorized cars, while smaller cameras but HD quality and face recognition only authorize the entry of people already registered. The options are many today.

But not just any video surveillance system is right ponders Tavil, as these consisted of large areas, some of them dark at night, which constantly pass not only residents or employees, depending on the destination of the property, but also providers services must take into account many aspects. In this way, it will be possible to detect any irregularity or offense that may occur.

"The migration to digital or IP cameras is one of the strengths in the market today and many public and private buildings they are looking HD or Full HD cameras to monitor from reading license plates at access points to the monitoring with thermal cameras to identify people day and night through the temperature difference between the bodies, "said the sales manager of Axis Communications for South America - Southern Cone.

Other trends are also beginning to take hold, such as 4K technology, equivalent to four times the resolution of a Full HD image, and two technologies that emerged in recent years and are gaining popularity: Lightfinder, which can capture color images even in the dark (because normally the cameras switch to black and white function overnight), and Forensic Capture, a type of automatic contrast compensation light generated images full of details of objects even backlit.

Profitability and scalability of a video surveillance system are also very important aspects because in the future it can be easily integrated into new needs that may arise. Another important factor is choosing equipment easy installation and minimal maintenance, which in turn allow easy handling.

For the coming years, it is expected an intensification of this technological evolution, strengthening the mode of urban environments exchange of permanent data that will allow not only adequately respond to situations of insecurity, but act preventively for the purposes of tranquility everyone wants to have.

Author: Alejandra Garcia


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