Colombia. Schneider Electric has presented the new EcoStruxure software solutions, which provide for the first time an appreciable return on assets and operation.

Plant personnel have traditionally focused on improving the efficiency of the industrial operations they control, which has brought plant assets to their reliability threshold, increasing downtime and safety risks along the way. However, thanks to the availability of a more robust Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) technology, included in the EcoStruxure architecture and platform, the industrial workforce will be better able than ever to control and improve the effectiveness and profitability of assets and operations in real time.

EcoStruxure is the architecture and platform of open and interoperable systems of Schneider Electric, enabled for IoT. Offering innovation at all levels through connected products, edge control, applications, analysis and services, this architecture allows a scalable design with operation of the connected systems and the best security in the class integrated in each level.

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Train the workforce to achieve cost-effective reliability with safety

The new EcoStruxure Maintenance Advisor software, with built-in EcoStruxure Condition, solves the gap between operations and maintenance, providing predictive maintenance and decision support for plant assets, including its EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS, EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS, smart field devices and other powerful automation assets.

By providing early and updatable data on abnormal operating conditions and assets, solutions enable the workforce to make smarter, more targeted and proactive maintenance and operation decisions that improve operational reliability and profitability. With mobile capacity devices and integrated workflow options, allowing plant personnel to respond quickly to emerging conditions from any point in the plant.

"The increasing speed of developments and the acceleration of business technology have come together, increasing the pressure on manufacturers to get more value, that is, the benefit of operations," said Matt Littlefield, president and principal analyst at LNS Research. "The digital transformation is going through the industry, with LNS Research we hope that the 60% of the companies have an IIOT initiative for late 2017. This means that executives look for and need more intelligent tools, advanced analysis and better decision making to offer a measurable return on investment, "he added.

"The emerging IIoT technology, like Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure platform and tools, is enabling end users to search for and find value in production processes. EcoStruxure Maintenance Advisor and EcoStruxure Control Advisor, among other Schneider Electric offerings that represent the next generation of technology. By enabling staff to control and optimize operational performance based on real financial constraints, greater benefits are provided safely, even when the asset base is aging and becomes less reliable, "Littlefield said.

Improved health monitoring of assets for a measurable and complete return on investment

Through a unified dashboard, EcoStruxure Maintenace Advisor, monitors the real-time status of the assets of the entire plant to detect abnormal operating conditions. Next, it automatically provides viable, easy-to-understand alerts with the right context, along with possible reasons for the abnormal condition and possible actions to correct.

The new EcoStruxure Condition Advisor for OPC DA allows automated monitoring in real time on the conditions of any asset compatible with OPC DA, such as intelligent electronic devices, motor starters and drives. This new capability complements the existing Condition Advisor, which monitors the status of the Fieldbus Foundation, HART and Profibus instruments.

"The ability of our solution to accurately detect and report potential problems and recommend corrective actions before failures occur improves the plant's safety, the reliability of the assets and the efficiency of the processes," says José Bonomo, vice president of management of the Schneider Electric offer. "By bringing these capabilities to the market for the first time in a single solution, we can help our customers improve their organizational efficiency and increase performance enough to provide a complete and measurable return on investment in just three months of implementation," he added. .

Profitable reliability: the keys to the profit engine

Combining the offers offered by Schneider Electric and third-party control systems allows customers to monitor and diagnose the status of a wide range of plant automation assets in real time, which can help maximize uptime, minimize costs operational, maintenance, increasing job security. Clear and concise alerts that offer recommendations in a context dedicated to the status of each asset and the complexity of its condition, which improves the response time.

"We have strategically aligned these new offers to ensure maximum efficiency and value for our customers, regardless of the type of control system they use," Bonomo said. "EcoStruxure Maintenance Advisor and EcoStruxure Condition Monitor can minimize or even eliminate downtime and unplanned incidents on the floor of the plant, not only to improve the return on investment of CAPEX and the return of assets, but to improve the Reliability and profitability of our clients' operations, without danger, when properly applied, these solutions will help to convert their process automation into the engines of benefit for your business, "he concluded.

These solutions are available to customers in the hybrid and process industries. In this way Schneider Electric innovates to make the most efficient and modern industries through the best systems and automation solutions with the EcoStruxure architecture.

Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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