SD 998C NUQ WEBThe rim surface mount type SECO-LARM electric lock is diseñadacon strength and durability for use with rim type devices Pullman output ¾ "type latch.

The SD-998C-NUQ has thick metal casing ¾ "(19mm), so no need to cut the frame for installation. The Lock is selectable so safe / secure mode and has operating voltage of 12 / CC 24V

VZH044 white background ART01 WEBThe second generation of comprensores scroll Danfoss, the VZH offer a variable speed technology for commercial air conditioning applications. It enables its OEMs stand out in the HVAC industry and markets cooling processes to 4 52 TR (15-184 kW) and exceed the requirements of energy level.

The compressors are the best way to obtain and exceed the standards high part load energy and high efficiency while providing other key benefits such as precise cooling, low current power, energy efficiency, etc.

The VZH compressor series has high efficiency across a wide range of applications with scroll platforms, incorporating Permanent Magnet Motors and optimized for different pressure oscillations.

Extended capabilities to cooling from 4 26 52 TR TR and even multiple; These products provide more than 30% in energy savings.


CL30XC frontYou can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere at home thanks to Air Cooler Honeywell, an innovative device with a cooling system called "Honeycomb" which, together with water tanks of different sizes, make a warm room in a cool and humid site prolonged.

The Honeywell Air Cooler CL30XC model has three functions: cooling, heating and ventilation, the latter with four speeds. Shutdown Timer is automatic and remote control provides remote operation, which gives a touch of extra comfort.

Its use is very easy since it requires no installation and portability permits you to change rooms when required, also is noble with nature and with pocket for its low power consumption.


atw t1006 1WEBAudio-Technica introduces its microphone / transmitter surface System 10 ATW-T100, this micro cardioid condenser surface is equipped with a XLRF type of 3 pin input has two LED indicators that are visible from anywhere in the room and a switch touch sensitive user to talk / silence.

Wireless operation has a bit 24 / 48 kHz digital offering exceptional sound quality and reliable performance. It also operates in the GHz range 2,4, totally free from interference from TV.

Also has gain control switch that allows selection of three levels: -6 dB (for stronger voices), 0 6 + dB and dB (for softer voices). Other features are its low cut filter switchable screen ID system located at the bottom of the unit and automatic frequency selection for interference-free operation.


SIstemadeMicrofoníaWEBGilsama presents the new line of digital microphones Sennheiser, it is DW Speech Line, a series designed optimally for oratory and speech. Ideal for corporate, government and wherever the user is not an audio engineer or someone who needs a professional microphone that is easy to operate.

The automatic frequency management performs a real-time scanning, on-site, since the computer is turned on to find free frequencies. Also, adjust the volume levels automatically, to ensure superior audio quality. And the Automatic Level Management function adjusts the gain levels and sensitivity to ensure the best audio signal.

Status monitoring and maintenance is done with the Sennheiser Cockpit Control software. Similarly, the system ensures confidentiality with its unique encryption key, which is generated individually every time a microphone transmitter is connected to the receiver.

The series also includes miking SL XLR DI 4 an interface DANTE four inputs, which adds wireless microphone receivers or sources mic / line to a DANTE system.


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